Any one interested? (Freelancer)

As I am getting to work more and more with Microsoft Outlook. I noticed that some people don’t reply my emails, in the hope that after couple of days I forget the topic. And unfortunately this do happen!
So what I thought of, is a small Macro (Deutsch: Makro), so that it gives me the option while I am sending the email over Microsoft Outlook, the option to give the person who is receiving the email a deadline, to answer the email. If the deadline was passed and there was no response, the Macro sends an email to the person (who didn’t answer the email) and to me (in CC) to inform them, that there was an email, and there was no reply from him/her.

I searched for this type of plugin but I wanted to see the source code, to know exactly what this software is doing.

That’s why, if you are a freelancer (or a normal programmer) and want to make some money, leave a comment down below (with your email), so that we can start implementing this idea.

Sorry, but I am a bit biased to my Homeland. Therefore, for me it would be more than great, if the developer comes from Egypt.

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