Our experience with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

raspberry-pi-2-model-bAfter trying several single board computer like the beagle bone, RiotBoard, Phytech board which costed me hundreds of Euros, I thought of going to the cheap stuff, like the Raspberry Pi 2.

To tell you the truth, I had lots of problems with the Riotboard iMx6 (Freescale Processor) because lots of drivers weren’t there, so I had to define them with my self (like the HDMI driver). After 2 weeks of work, I was able to get my Monitor working correctly, but then I thought it wasn’t worth it all.

When i went to the 2015 Embedded World Exhibition in Nürnberg Germany, I found out that lots of developers are using this so-called Raspberry Pi Board. I thought that the engineers that are using such board are not professional at all. Why should I go to a board that is really cheap, and almost every kid (and grandma) are playing around with this board.

When I came back home, I wanted to buy some cheap product, that won’t hurt my budget at all. At the beginning I said again that I won’t buy a Raspberry product, but then I don’t know why, I said to myself to try it out. For sure it won’t be that bad to play with.

Anyways I went to Conrad (our Radio Shake in Germany) to buy this “TOY”. At this time the board had a sale on it, and costed €35. I bought a heat sink to it, and a housing box. The whole unit didn’t cost more than €45.

So the question is what did I get for this €35!?

As you for sure read several articles (better than mine)

-Broadcom Quad Core Processor 900 MHz ARM Cortex A7 (I will talk about this processor later on)
-4 USB ports (You can do your full single board computer with this toy)
-40 GPIO pins
-Full HDMI port
-Ethernet port
-Combined 3.5mm audio jack and composite video
-Camera interface (CSI) (I have never tried this option before)
-Display interface (DSI)
-Micro SD card slot
-VideoCore IV 3D graphics core

Again I wasn’t that much satisfied when I bought this board, but when I installed Raspbian on this board (using my microSD Card). I was like WOW…
I didn’t believe what this board was doing at all. For a really convenient price, I was able to have a stand alone protable computer in my hand. The first thing that I though of, was to do my first SuperComputer. Then I wanted to know how hot does this processor gets to. And I found out that the heat sink, that I installed on the board had an normal temperature (not hot at all). Not like the iMX6 Processor from Freescale, where I run some Youtube video and then my finger get burned if I touched the processor!!


  • Monet

    December 30, 2015 at 6:37 pm Reply

    Is saw the BeagleBoard several times in the unetirsivy space, where they had applications like RTK-calculations or image processing using OpenCV. My colleague used it with a 800 MHz TI OMAP processor and Embedded Linux. But you also can get it with WinCE, Android or Angstrf6m.The successor is the PandaBoard with a dual core processor.Thomas

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